Jermaine Dupri was wrong.

Money is totally a thing.

(We still love you, Mr. Dupri.)

And if you've been around for a bit, you've heard me tell you at some point - I want you to know what you're signing up for before you do it. Getting you excited and signing a contract, only to bait and switch you later, is absolutely not my prerogative. As I say to my brides, and now to you, I strive to treat everyone like I would want my sister to be treated! Because you're some of the best humans on the planet and I want you around here for a long while, mmk?

Don't see something you're hoping for? Just get in touch!

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Do you include the rights with your images?

Yes, absolutely! The way this works is a bit different for commercial compared to everyone else, but if you book a session or event, you'll get the hi-res photos, too!

Where can sessions happen?

Everywhere but the moon, and I'm sure I could make a call about getting that done! Seriously though, mini sessions are *only* on certain days of the year and only in certain locations. Any other type can be just about anywhere you can dream up!

How does pricing work?

Anything you'd like to book is considered scheduled once we have a retainer and signed agreement. The retainer for all non-wedding and non-commercial items is 1/3 the total invoice and the remaining payments have due dates between time of booking and time of session or event! Weddings and commercial are different and you can find that info on their pages.

Someone said discount?


For certain session or event types, we reward you for paying in full! You're saving us admin hours, so we're glad to pass those savings on to you. If you'd like to take advantage of this, let us know and we'll let you know what your invoice credit would be!

We have folks with mobility issues or in need of other support. Is that ok?

The client list ranges from families with kids on the spectrum to folks in need of accessibility and we do all we can. Locations can be changed, phone calls can be made, I'll do everything possible to help your favorite people feel welcomed and supported.

Are there referral rewards?

Ya damn skippy!

If someone mentions your name when they book, on their contact form or some other way, we'll kick back a percentage of their booking to you!

And the folks with the top 3 referrals for the year get special prizes. Because this whole thing was built on word of mouth and it's my favorite way to grow.