Right now, it feels like the world is on fire.

To be honest, in a lot of ways, it is on fire. And I know with the onslaught of social media and the news and texts and your Mother blowing up your phone, it feels really overwhelming right now. As everything on the books for the next quarter postponed or cancelled for us, it was easy to choose to be overwhelmed.

And hear me well, frustration, exhaustion, anger. These are allowed. There is space for all of this. But, if you can muster it, don't get stuck there.

You were never asked or needed to solve every problem or fix everything. You are equipped for only so much and then someone else needs to step in! We were made for community and I hope this chaos is showing you how good that concept can be.

For the immediate future, all proper sessions are on hiatus. Our office hours, however, remain unchanged! And most of our vendors are still fully functional for product order and development. We have some new offerings - some free, some pay-what-you-can - being added daily. And I'll be providing ways to support other small businesses who are getting hit so hard.

Do all you can with what you have. Show mercy. Be kind. (To yourself, too, hey?)

Need anything at all, simply click the button below! We will do all that we can for you.


“Fear is real. But so is hope.”