It's a total joy to meet your families!

In another life, I have a suburban full of kids, live at soccer and football games, and holler up the stairs every morning. Life has a funny way of working itself out sometimes and that is another life, not this one. It's a real honor to be able to spend time with your kiddos, capturing them at every stage in all their weird and wonder. Don't worry, I'll get you something for the mantle or for grandma. But, above all, I want you to remember your kids exactly as they were in the stage I see them - their scrunchy noses, sneaky smiles, and tiny little fingers.

They're only this little once.

Let's help you remember the magic.

All the Skinny

Right out the gate - you are welcome here.

And if you have a crazy idea, I'm game!

There's a pair of farm boots by my door, I've captured motorcycles while leaning out of the back of a pick-up and I'm not afraid of heights.

So tell me everything!

It's gonna be great.

Through the end of 2023,