You love making photos.

Yet, you have so many questions. I get it. Promise you. And you just wish someone with more experience would sit down with you and let you pick their brain? I UNDERSTAND. Which is why this entire section is right here, just for you! At the end of the day, I love people way more than I love imagery (which is saying a lot) and the only way I got to where I am was by others pouring their knowledge and selves into me. The least I can do is to pay that forward. So let's hang out! Virtually or in real life, I'll guide you through every step, just like I do my brides. And when it's over, you'll walk away with more skills, confidence, and drive to create the best work ever.

Note: Alcohol not required, but definitely encouraged!

Let's get a drink!

My working theory is that you will learn the most from someone you genuinely like as a person. You should have the chance to see if this is a good fit for you before taking a bigger plunge. So let's have a chat (and share a bar if you're local!).

$40 USD

First Date

Perfect for the person who knows what they're looking for and can't wait to talk about it! These are one hour sessions about a specific topic. Everything from editing to lighting, we can talk about anything you'd like!

$99 USD

Second Date

Want more meat and potatoes? This is for you! Customized one hour sessions created around everything you're wanting, based on topics discussed previously.

$159 USD

The All-or-Nothing

Already know you want the whole shebang? Ask for a flight! You'll receive all three options at a generous rate. And if you're in Charleston, everything is one-on-one, in-person.

$250 USD