Build a longer table.

Not a higher fence

Stick around here long enough and you'll hear me say that this job is a gift. Or a joy. Honestly, it's both.
I got started by taking a film class at college as an elective. That professor, and dozens of professors and mentors after him, poured themselves and their encouragement into my skills and self-doubt over and over again! I wouldn't be where I am without others generosity, so I find it only fitting that I turn around and pour it back out wherever I can. So welcome! I'm so glad you're here.


Just what it sounds like!

When I started this thing, my goal was to make imagery achievable for the everyday family. My own family didn't have a ton growing up and photos were a rare gift for us. Those prints and negatives are things I really cherish now and I'd do anything to have more of them! As the business has grown, so has the pricing and I absolutely understand that budgets are real and kids need so many things. That's where this whole concept began!

Each fall, I offer a limited number of full sessions, mini sessions and weddings at rates *you decide*. I know, this is a totally foreign concept. But I mean it! When you book, you're booking for 2022 and all of these must be used next year. The details of each item are listed below with the standard rates shown. These are made available so you have an idea of what you're receiving! Because there's no skimping here - no matter what you pay, you receive full service.

Then, simply tell us which thing you'd like and what you're able to afford.

It's just that simple.

From there, that rate is divided into 3 payments. The first is due immediately and serves as your retainer.

Then, we'll send along your agreement that includes all of your details for you to sign online. After that's all done and settled, we can start officially scheduling you!

I try to keep it as easy as possible.

You have 189 things running around in your life at any one time, so let's make this thing as stress-free as we can.

The partnerships I have with my people are how this thing was built and I don't take them for granted.

So thanks for being here!

I can't wait to see ya in 2022.




Mini Sessions

These are held *on set days* a few times each year. Perfect for families with littles, we offer these in Raleigh, Charlotte + Charleston. Included in whatever rate you choose is 20 mins of time + talent, at least 10 edited images, and outfit support!


Full Sessions

Specifically designed for those in love or families with older kiddos, these are an hour in length and include a library of all available edited images in hi-res format. These are scheduled at a time convenient for you and a location of your choice!



Couples booking us for their event will receive the Lyra package with this rate! Seven hours of continuous coverage, two photographers, a mini-engagement session and all available edited images are included.



I'm sorry, I passed out. What?

I know that there aren't a lot of other creatives out there who do this and so this might be super new to you! But it's exactly what it sounds like. You set the rate and so long as it's available, you'll receive full service. Boom.

Can I nominate someone?

ABSOLUTELY. If there's someone in your life you'd like to send our way, you can either fill out the form or shoot us an email! We're glad to coordinate with you on how to reach them best. And we have folks purchase sessions for others, too! You can dream it, we'll do all we can to make it happen.

Can these be anywhere?

Yep! If outside of Raleigh-Durham, we'll need to discuss the travel fees. However, we strive to keep travel fees to a minimum around here and especially so for these type of rates. Get in touch and we'll do absolutely all we can.

Can I use these in 2023?

Alas, no. In an effort to be as considerate as possible to others, these are strictly to be used in 2022. Should a reschedule be required due to weather that carries us over, we can chat possibilities! But these can't be held onto like a gift card or something similar. Thanks for understanding!

How many people can be in a full session?

We can do a family of up to 6 or maybe 8 in that hour of time. However if you have an extended family session you're dreaming about, you'll need to add time. Glad to walk you through what that might look like!

Will our photographer be Amaris or someone else?

Unless I'm in the Emergency Department or have some other major life issue, you will definitely be spending time with me!

Do you have props? Can we bring props?

You can absolutely bring props! I'd love to discuss the specifics of your look with you in advance, so we can be sure to allow enough time and/or pick a location that's the best fit. Overall, I do not provide props, but would be glad to scheme and dream with you so we can create your vision!

Alright alright alright! How do I get started?

Scroll down, click the button and fill out a form! One of us will be in touch ASAP.