Because mama makes

everything better.

Over half of my work is with families of all types, kinds, sizes and shapes. In almost all of them, when things get tough, the one holding it all together - the glue of the family - is the Mama. This is true in my family and I know so many of yours! And y'all, 2020 has been so exhausting, amirite? From changes in schooling to wildfires and evacuations, hurricanes, a pandemic, our normal anxiety and Gilden to blame for it. We're swamped!

It was with all of this in mind that we dreamed up the Momcouragement boxes. Because we hope they are exactly that - encouraging for the Mama's! We'll be launching a shop next week where you can buy everything we sent to our winners - either one, three or all of them! - and ship anywhere in the world. Each box is custom, right down to the packing materials, and can include a handwritten note, if you choose. Trust us, your Mom has enough macaroni art. She wants time with you most of all. But, beyond that? She wants to be considered. Happy to help you create real mail that gives back to the woman who gives so much.

enter your info below and we'll send you all the details as soon as we can!