The papa sessions

Ask anyone who has been around here long enough and they'll tell you how much I love to support the Mama's amongst us. They are generous to a fault, giving up so much of their lives for their families benefit. And since it's often them taking the photo, they aren't often in it! Thus was birthed The Mama Sessions. And they've been awesome!

However, there are fewer things more amazing than a great Papa who lifts his family up, carrying them through the tough times. And for so many men I've met, having photos done isn't something they love or do often.

But, the Papa's deserve to shine, too. And frankly, your partners, kids and families deserve images of you being yourself, loving your children! So I'm thrilled to add The Papa Sessions to the menu this year. We'll have great drinks and food on hand, plenty of room to roam, some great surprises and a nanny available. Yep, a nanny! In case you want to spend a few precious minutes drinking your coffee in quiet.

All your questions, answered.

When are these?

Raleigh-Durham, you are scheduled for Sunday, October 25th!
Charleston, your date is being scheduled pending COVID.

How much are they + what is included?

You got it. Papa Sessions are the same price as Mama Sessions or other mini sessions. They include 20-25 minutes of time and talent, 12 edited images and the rights to use everything for $279 USD + tax.

Do I get a CD or something else?

All galleries are hosted online and you receive an email with a digital download code! Super easy. If you'd prefer a USB, we can absolutely make that happen.

What will this be like?

We will be hosting these at a venue on private land, giving us full freedom of space and time. We're partnering with The Street Coffee + Bar to have all kinds of great beverages, but you know there will be bourbon. We'll also have light snacks, and we'll ask about your allergies ahead of time so that all can be accommodated!

How do I sign up?

A session is considered booked once we've received your initial retainer - 50% of the total rate - as well as a signed agreement, which is completed right online. It's the easiest! The balance is due by October 1st.

Can kids come? Can Moms come?

Kids are absolutely welcome. We'll have a couple of surprises on hand for them, as well as a nanny on-site in case Dad wants to take a few minutes to himself.
Ladies, you're welcome if you'd like! However, we're asking that just like The Mama Sessions, we keep these images special for kids and their Papas.

Who counts as a Papa?

Any gentleman who is caring for kiddos counts as a Papa in our book! They can be a stepdad, a grandad, a biological dad or an adopted dad! We honor the effort of all the men so if they're loved, I can't wait to meet them.

How many sessions are there?

Sessions begin at 9:45am and the last session of the day is at 5:45pm!