You deserve a lil' magic.

Ask just about anyone and they'll tell ya - this year has changed everything! With the chaos we're all dealing with on a daily basis, making space in the budget for pretty things like photos is difficult. I get that - 100 percent.

With this joy I call a job, I really want to create opportunities for you! Help get an amazing experience within reach or, at the very least, easier to make happen! So here we are, friend. Monthly payments that let you get on the schedule starting right meow. Because you freaking stinking deserve it.

Even if all you did was survive this year.

How does this work? Easily. Promise.

When you're ready, click those little words in the top right - Start the Party - and drop us a line with your location, when you'd like to book your first session and whether or not you'd prefer a single or a double. Just like that!

We'll set up your paperwork, send everything along and you can both pay and sign right online! Once complete, we'll get in touch about scheduling. Anyone who signs up before December 1st of 2020 can elect to use their session(s) in either 2020 or 2021. Up to you!

And if you'd like a full session instead of a mini, just shout.

We'll do all we can for you.

Currently available in raleigh/durham, nc

+ charleston, sc

Mini-Sessions are held on specific days each year, but we are currently holding them at least once a quarter! So don't worry, the calendar can accommodate you, 100 percent. Want a mini-session day in your town? We can do that, absolutely! Simply get in touch and let's talk possibilities. Typically, four mini-sessions brings me to a city with minimal travel fees. So give us a shout! Let's see if we can make some magic happen for ya.