The Mama Sessions

For the brilliant women in your life.

There aren't enough photos of my Mama.

When I began this idea, it was because there were just a handful of images of her from before I was a teenager. Granted, I'm biased as an image maker, so I want as many as possible! But y'all, I hear it over and over again from so many of my clients and friends. "I wish I was in more of the photos and I don't mean selfies." I hear you. You are exactly why this whole concept even started!

Creating great imagery of women, who are taught to critique themselves relentlessly, is a process. My hope is you'll feel welcome, able to let your hair down, and catch your breath. Ask anyone who's graced my lenses (and they'll talk to ya all day, I promise haha!), this is where you can be your *real self*. It's encouraged, actually! Bring all of your weird and hilarious.

Your session fee of $300 + sales tax includes your time with me, your edited imagery, great snacks and booze. Oh yes girl, I said booze! Bonus? It also includes a professional nanny. Yes, - nannyyyyyyyy.

We've got a beautiful home with acreage, catering on-site and both hair and makeup are available for you to add-on. Want a few images with your kiddos? Let's do it. Then, you can simply hand off and take a few of just you. Or you can check them in with our caregiver, grab some bubbly and have a great time! Hey, we don't judge.

So get in touch! We've got a list of answers to any question you've got, and will help you all we can.

Can't wait to see you!


When are these?

The Mama Sessions are taking place in RDU the weekend of Mother's Day! We have slots available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 7-9. So let us know when is good for you and we'll do all we can for you!

Where are these?

We've rented a gorgeous house just outside of Raleigh with room to roam and lots of light. So even if the weather throws a fit, you'll still get gorgeous imagery and your kids will still have a fabulous time.

Who are the hair + makeup vendors?

Michelle Clark, a full-time professional makeup artist in the Raleigh area, is on deck for makeup for the third year in a row! Why do I love her? Because you still look like *yourself* when she's done. Just a really great version of you! And Meghann Holland of Alter Ego Raleigh, my own personal stylist, is with us for the second year! We have a full menu of what they can do for you, so just ask!

What is the rate?

Each Mama Session is $300 + sales tax and can be paid via online invoice with a credit/debit card or via Venmo!

I'm sorry, did you just say nanny?

Yes I did, girl!
We'll have professional childcare with a licensed, insured service with us for the entire weekend. You can leave the kiddos at home, bring them for part of your session or they can hang out through the whole thing! Absolutely up to your discretion. We're just here to support you.

Do I have to book by a certain time?

We are very nearly full. If you're still reading this, get in touch! :) We want to ensure catering, our merchandise team and ourselves have an accurate count and list of names! Since we are doing custom merchandise for each Mama, we want to make certain we're all set for you.

When do I get my photos?

A sneak peek goes out within 72 hours (mostly because Amaris has an instant gratification problem). The rest of your images will deliver 2-3 weeks later and we will walk you through that before you leave your session!

Can I reschedule?

Should something come up, we have left room in the day on Sunday to accommodate any reschedule.

If you might need to push your session to another weekend or time, we'll do all we can to accommodate! While your experience won't be totally the same, we'll do everything possible to make it magical.

Who is catering?

We've partnered with Raleigh Cheesy to create custom individual boxes for each Mama! I know. Get excited.

What's this custom merchandise?

We have a couple of different items that each Mama will receive - one bag of goodies per session - that has your name right on it!

If multiple Mamas are coming to a session, we'll have additional ones available for purchase - both with and without customization!

Are these benefiting an organization or person?

Two dear friends are in the last stages of adoption and that includes fundraising. They are very special to me (Amaris) and I thought it would be awfully nice to use this event that's all about motherhood to celebrate a new family being created!

25% of each session, and all profits from all merchandise, will go straight to their adoption fund. You can "meet" them right below!

Christian + Anna

Two of the world's best humans

It's been well over a decade since I became friends with Christian, and when Anna came along I was *thrilled*. She is a light, radiating hospitality and generosity and it's been really beautiful to watch them grow together! They got married in 2015 and after a brief stint in Anna's beloved NYC, they moved to Raleigh to start a family. While their story is theirs to tell, adoption is the best solution and I cannot WAIT to see the addition to their home. It's a joy to support them in this way!

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