Fall Mini-Sessions are open!

I know. You can't believe we're even talking about the fall. Believe me, I'm just as shocked as you!

But, the calendar is 50% full and here we are. So this is where you can find all the info on mini-sessions in a variety of cities. Looking for a full session? No worries, we got you. Just click right here.


Currently scheduled for September 12th, October 22nd and October 30th with slots available in both morning and afternoon. We will be having a Chapel Hill/Hillsborough location this year! Locations in both east and west Raleigh, too. Because I'm not trying to have you drive an hour with kids in the car. Just click the city name to see what's available!


These are scheduled for the morning of October 9th only! I'll be coming through town at least one more time for possible minis, but my time in Charleston will be extremely limited this fall. Get in touch if you'd like to spend some time!


You heard me, CLT! Enough of you demanded it, so I'm coming to see ya. October 9th-11th, with morning slots only available on the 10th/11th! And that's kids-free weekend at the Renaissance Festival and I'll be going! So if you want to load up the kiddos and come eat a turkey leg, I say let's do it. Click 'Say Hello'

You have questions. Let's talk about it.

What is included in a mini-session?

All mini-sessions, no matter what city, include 20 minutes of time, at least 10 edited images, and the rights to print and publish them for your personal use. And if the lady at Walgreen's is giving you a hard time, we'll send a release over just like that! All of your edited images are hosted in their own online gallery. Easy peasy breezy beautiful Cover Girl™.

How much are these?

If you've been here for any length of time, you know that I understand money is finite. It's exactly why I offer these petite sessions! Mini's are $300 USD + NC sales tax and payable before your session.

How do I book a slot?

We consider a time slot fully booked with a signed agreement - completed right online - and a paid retainer. The retainer is 50% of your session fee and the balance is due just before the session. But don't worry! Everything is online and our emails walk you right through it.

What about rain?

Well, first off this is Carolina. It'll change in 20 minutes.
But seriously, all mini days have a rain date as a backup. If you'd like to confirm the backup date before booking, just ask!

Can I reschedule for a personal reason?

Life happens. I absolutely understand. If your child (or you!) is sick or injured, please reach out first. I'll do absolutely all I can for you. Each situation is different and I'll work with you as much as possible. So take a breath, it's gonna be alright.

Can you help us with outfits? HALP.

You got it! Most families lay out their options on a bed or couch in natural light and text me the options. I'll gladly walk you through what might photograph the best and look great on your family. We also have Pinterest boards with tips, tricks and palette ideas for when you get stuck.

Why do you capture families?

Growing up, my family didn't have much. Definitely not enough for photos. It's one of my personal goals with this business to keep family imagery as affordable as I can make it! Because your kids are *amazing* and on the hard days, I want you to see that on your walls.

What's your process? I don't like photos/am awkward/am coming under protest.

Oh, I totally get this! With a lot of photographers, you might be forced into poses or positions that are just uncomfortable or you're left wrangling your kids. My hope is that your kids feel like they're hanging out with me and playing, and that you can let your hair down a little bit. We'll get images for grandma, don't worry, but above all, I want you to have FUN.