It's so good to see you!

Choosing someone to create magic + memories - whether for your wedding day, your amazing family or your very own brand - it's a big deal! What do you look for besides pretty images?

Aim to partner with someone you like as a real life human. Someone you could easily grab a bourbon with, or go to a football game. You need someone who gets you, will listen to your ideas and make all of your people feel valued.

A lot of people can make pretty pictures, y'all. But, I try to do more than that. We do weird around here. We do fun around here. Get married at 6000 feet in February - let's go! Family photos while kayaking? I'm your girl.

But, I strive to treat your family like it's mine, too. Capture pictures of your grandma and integrate your parents on your wedding day in ways that surprise you. We'll create things that you can put on the mantle or over the bed, don't worry. Even more than that, I'll grab shots of your girls tiny hands holding a flower she loves. Because I want you to remember your kids exactly at this age, in all their wonder.

With this small business, I hope to meet you right where you're at during this stage of life, creating memories that you'll still love in five or even twenty years. And I promise that we'll have the best time possible while doing it!

Explore all around here. Read the reviews. Ask us anything on your mind! We're here to help in any way we can.

Love + Eagle Rare,


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