You've got questions! We totally understand.

Choosing a photographer is an investment of time and money, sure.

But, this is a vulnerable thing you're doing and we understand that partnering is a big deal!

This page is just for you. Explore the others, ask any ol' questions you like, and we'll do all we can for you!


Where are you located? And do you travel?

Raleigh, NC is where I call home and Charleston, SC is where I grew up! And with only a couple of states left to see, and 17 countries stamped with my camera in tow, I will absolutely travel! Second shooters are available to me in the UK and Europe, and I can get by. in both French and Spanish. So let's go adventure!

Do sessions include the imagery? Or is that additional?

Everything we capture comes with edited digital images available for download in both web size and hi-res formats. There is no additional charge for these at any time and if further edits are wanted, well that's the next question.

Are images edited? Can they be edited further?

Every image that gets delivered to you has what we call global edits applied. These are things like color correction, exposure adjustments, and any mark or blemish that isn't typically present in your everyday life removed. Additional edits are available and a set amount of time is included on the house for every session type! There are a few other pieces regarding edit requests and we're glad to walk you through any question you have for us!

Do galleries expire?

Not as long as I can help it! We've been with our current gallery provider since 2016, and all available galleries dating back to 2010 were migrated to this server around the same time. Every gallery you have with us will live. with me as long as the software exists! Should that change, we'll work diligently to speak to everyone on our servers and ensure you have your items. Photos are memories of kids when they were oh-so-little, and folks no longer with us. I carry the responsibility of being the memory keeper and do my best to honor the role.

How far out do you book?

It honestly depends on the season! The fall is our busiest time of year by a lot, but other months fill up quickly. If you're hoping for a spring or fall weekend, we suggest 3-6 months in advance. But if you'd like to go to Italy. on a Tuesday? I could probably hop on a plane next week! Maybe. Very likely.

What's with the Muppet question?

Oh, that's for science. So please, be honest.

How long have you been in this career?

A camera found it's way into my hands in 2005, when I took an elective called Intro to Film Photography and we learned all the ins and outs of film photography! By 2008, I had a digital camera, too and in 2009, photographed my very first wedding. After graduating NC State in 2012, I went full-time with this small little business and here we are!

Someone sent me to you because my family needs additional support. Is it true you provide services for families like mine?

Absolutely. You are more than welcome here.

As someone with family members on the spectrum (and specific texture requirements for her own clothes), I am more than glad to work with you and create an environment where your children are comfortable.

Sessions with me tend to feel more like playtime, and more than 80% of our kids last 40-70 minutes with no meltdowns!

I'll do everything possible to treat them like my very best friend, allowing you to let your hair down and simply enjoy your children! (I can bring you Tootsie Roll pops, too, if that would help!)