She's hard to keep track of. We know.

This week, Amaris is in San Juan + Culebra, PR!


if you can dream it, we'll be there.

Before I was done with high school, I told my parents I would be spending the summer in Africa. They said absolutely not.

Eventually, they relented, and my first flight ever was a three-leg adventure through France and on to Togo. Since then, I've always had this drive to just go. Buy a plane ticket, figure out the housing, eat cheap, and see *everything*. When clients bring me to their location - whether that's their Mama's backyard in the Outer Banks or a palace garden in Prague - I cannot explain how honored I am. So if you'd like to have a photographer on your family vacation or get married on a boat in the Pacific, let's make it incredible!

Experiences from zip lining to hiking, city wandering or diving, tell me everything. (And bonus: I'm scuba certified!)

Want help with your travel plans? We can absolutely help with that! Ask us about package add-on's to take advantage of our assistance for your destination event.

Cannot wait to see the world with you!

“Maybe that’s what life is...a wink of the eye and winking stars.”

September 2019

We kick off the fall season with a bang at The Gadsden House in Charleston for a great wedding! You can find Amaris in Denver + Pueblo, CO the second half of the month. Raleigh and Asheville, NC - you're on deck, too!

October 2019

The prettiest month of the whole year in the South, and not just cause of the fair. We have extensive time in Raleigh, NC, with events in Charleston, SC and Washington, DC as well. And New York City for a quick fun visit!

November 2019

Is your whole family getting together for Thanksgiving in Charleston? We do extended family sessions for the long holiday weekend! We also have events in Charleston, SC, Greenville, SC and Raleigh, NC. Finally, it's back to Asheville, NC for at least three days!

December 2019

We're packing up our snow gear and headed to South Dakota for an event (we are going to freeze, we know haha). There are events in Raleigh, NC and Charleston, SC again! *Our last day for any sessions to guarantee that Christmas products will be available? Saturday, November 30th!*

Don't see your city? Just ask! If we can make magic happen, we'll do it.