Have you been to Malta?

You should go. I'm serious. This small island off the coast of Italy was never really on my radar, truth be told. I roughly knew it was somewhere in the Med, but that was about it. These two got married and asked me to come with them, and it is one of the best things to which I've ever said yes. Words on a screen cannot properly wrap up my gratitude for every single person at this wedding, from the vendors to the palace staff to each guest. These are some incredible humans and it was an absolute joy.

For links to the *amazing* teams that made this event happen, scroll to the bottom and go show them love! Seriously, these Instagram feeds will not disappoint.

Massive Thanks

Heaping piles of gratitude to Phillip Van Nostrand and Mahmoud Lababidi for their efforts and creativity on this day.

A further thank you to Palazzo Parisio for their hospitality and beautiful venue, as well as catering and cake! Alistair Floral Design for flowers and crowns, Samantha's grandma for her beautiful vintage earrings, Pro DJ Hire for a great party, Colin Davin for gorgeous ceremony music and last, but certainly not least, Jessica Bertin for her radiant joy and officiant duties.

As well as gratitude to these vendors for their contributions:

But wait, there's more?

As if all of that freaking gorgeous wasn't enough (and it was!), Shaun + Samantha agreed to do a day-after session with me on the coast. There was wine and just us and some really pretty light. Did I dance around and skip a little bit, walking around the cliff's edge? MAYBE.

Ok ok, I did.

A small surprise...

Am I a videographer? Nope! It's something I do for fun and have only charged for a couple of times. But, this was special. My original goal was to capture a few quick moments throughout the day, as a small surprise to them. I had an outline of moments in order to create this video, but would only do it if I actually could make the time. As a result, I was flipping back and forth between video and photo all day! They had absolutely zero idea, which to me means success. So pardon the imperfections and I hope you see their joy.

The sound at the beginning is the group hum everyone did together at the beginning of the ceremony, and the other songs are special to them. You'll see.