are there only cocktail recipes on this page?

Ya damn skippy! Listen, if you're gonna order presents for all these people and try to decide which wedding photo to choose out of 487, you'd better have some happy in your glass while you do it.

And since I can't be there to pour, I figure this is the next best thing!

*Recipes will be added as the season goes on*

kentucky coffee

warm up your holiday

*1 part bourbon
(Larceny, Angel's Envy, + Woodford are my choices)
*1 part cream liqueur
*Splash of Hazelnut Liqueur
*Hot, fresh coffee
*Whipped cream for garnish

Pour bourbon and cream liqueur into an Irish coffee glass. Add hazelnut liquor and fill the glass with hot coffee. Top off with a dollop of whipped cream.
Ignore all of the bullshit.