You might be new here, so you should know - there is no dream too big. Space might be the only option not on the table. And I would at least think about it!

There is no idea too crazy and I am ready to hit the road or hop on a plane to come create some magic with you. Whether it's the coast of Washington State - shown above - or the streets of London, maybe you want to spend time together with your sweet Grandma! Listen, I am absolutely on board.

Below are the dates and locations I'm already currently booked to spend time in 2023. Want to add time in any of these places? Let's talk about it! My passport is current, but I promise, I love spending time in your backyard just as much! Can't wait to see ya!

The Year In A Snapshot

(Pun intended.)

These are absolutely subject to change and if you're wanting to change them, click the button below!

March 2-5 Charleston, SC

March 11 RDU Mama Sessions

March 17-19 NYC

March 19-21 Philadelphia, PA

March 25 Raleigh, NC Wedding

March 26-28 Washington DC

March 31-April 2 Asheville, NC Wedding


April 15 RDU Studio Sessions benefitting CORRAL

April 16 Durham Bulls Game

April 18-April 23 Seattle, WA/Portland, OR

April 27-30 Charleston, SC Wedding

+ CHS Minis + Beaufort SC

May 6 + 7 RDU Minis!

May 9-14 Asheville, NC

May 25-27 Philadelphia, PA

May 27-May 30 Austin, TX

May 30-June 1 Dallas, TX

June 2-June 5 Chicago, IL

**June 18-July 5 SUMMER SHUTDOWN**

**July 28-August 13 SUMMER SHUTDOWN DOS **

September 8-10 Wilmington, NC Wedding

September 23-26 Dominican Republic

September 27-28 Lake Gaston, NC

September 30 RDU Minis!

October 14 RDU Minis Weekend One

October 21 RDU Minis Weekend Two

October 24-27 Asheville, NC

October 28 CHS Minis!

October 28-31 Charleston, SC

November 1-3 Philadelphia, PA

November 4-6 Washington, D.C.

November 11 Raleigh, NC Wedding

November 19 RDU Minis *Afternoon Only

November 25 RDU Minis *Morning Only

November 26 RDU Minis!

**LAST DAY OF SESSIONS - December 2nd**

January + February - Books are closed!

Before you start this party, know that while I am working in these months, I am *not* shooting anything or capturing any events. There's some personal events happening (like my birthday!) and some much needed rest. However, if you're needing to discuss a project, set up a meeting, or chat about your wedding, please reach out!


We kick off spring season with our first trip to Charleston! Also on the books for this month?

Dallas and Austin, with Asheville closing out the month!


Spring season is in full swing with a week long trip in the middle to Seattle + Portland, a stopover in Philadelphia + Washington, D.C., as well as another trip to Charleston the last weekend of the month!


It's back to Texas for Memorial Day weekend with a wedding in Austin. We're in Philadelphia for a wedding just before that, Asheville in the middle of the month and our first weekend of minis in RDU is May 6th + 7th!


The Mama Sessions hits the road the first weekend of June with an entire day in Chicago! We've got some time with our families planned, as well, and a trip out to the beautiful Outer Banks.


Currently, the only plan on the books is to Charleston and then the last week of July begins our 3-week summer vacation! We are closed and away from the office this entire time. Because rest is important!


We are out of the office, so plan accordingly! The Summer Shutdown begins the last few days of July and runs through August 20th. Because the fall is our busiest season and it's coming up quick!


The fall season is off with a bang with a beach wedding in Wilmington, NC and the middle of the month, it's a scoot over to Atlanta for the weekend! Rounding out the month with an extended family session near the NC/VA border during their annual lakeside vacation!


*This is absolutely the busiest month of the year!* There are multiple RDU Mini weekends, family sessions, anything you can dream of, we've got room for you! These slots are a first come/first served basis and require payment in full at time of signing.


It's back to Philadelphia for a wedding, one in Washington, D.C. too, a hometown eastern North Carolina wedding day, some Raleigh minis and then it's Thanksgiving, y'all!

December - Books are closed!

There's a small chance this changes, but at the moment, we are going to keep December closed for supporting all things holiday! There are cards to mail, a client party to throw, gifts to give and a whole bunch of edit requests that usually come in the door. If this changes, you'll see it here for sure! And if you have a special project you'd like to discuss during this time, let us know and I'm happy to chat details. Will absolutely do all I can for you!