The world needs more real mail.

You know I'm right.

You have a lot going on. Let's make this as easy as we can. If you have received a sneak peek gallery, or your final delivery, ordering is the exact same for both of these! And to make it even easier we're gonna put your final ordering deadlines riiiiiiiiiight here:

Lower 48 States

December 14th - Standard Shipping

December 17th - RUSH Shipping

How do I do this?

Don't worry, boo. We're gonna walk you through it!

Girl, we got you.

You'll go into your gallery using your link and choose a photo you like. It will look just like the image above this test. Honestly, it can be any photo - you can change your mind when you get to the card builder! I know! So pick a photo, any photo. In the top right corner, there is a shopping cart - click it.

Brilliant. Now you're here.

These are all the buying options for this photo, as well as any other photo in your gallery. And yes, you see there are wallets available! Because listen, Grandma (or Gran or Mimi or whatever you call that fabulous woman) she needs 'em.

But, for holiday cards, you'll click 'CARDS'. Go ahead.

This step is important.

You're gonna see these choices and be like "This is it? Amaris, come on." Girl, NO. There are *hundreds* of card options! Select your envelope options and your paper options. Then click "See Designs".


You're almost there. And look! All those images at the bottom? Those are from your gallery. YES.

Throw photos in there, see what they look like, have a great time!

Once an image is selected, you can move it around within the square.

And notice all the options on the right hand side! Make it your own.

Final steps

If you did all of this right, you'll click all the way through and these will be added to your cart! Hit a speed bump?

The card builder should easily show you what needs to be fixed. Easy peasy breezy.

Cards and envelopes are shipped directly to your house.

So get to ordering and make this the year they show up before Christmas.